Would You Like To See Theresa May Removed from Government and follow the referendum result and manifesto in full?

In 24 hours, three pro-Brexit cabinet ministers resigned. Brexit Secretary David Davis resigned. Steve Baker, his deputy at the Department for Exiting the European Union, quickly followed.  And at 3pm on 9 July 2018, Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary also resigned. Many think that this could lead to dissenting Tory MPs challenging Theresa May as leader.

Theresa May’s Chequers proposal for Brexit now looks under threat, and May is potentially facing a threat to her position as Prime Minister. But can she be forced to resign?

Here, George Eaton clarifies how Conservative authority challenges function. For the Tories to expel May, Conservative Members of Parliament must attempt a vote of no certainty. No less than 15 for every penny of the Tories, that is 48, must compose a letter to Graham Brady, the 1922 Committee Chair, asking for a vote.

On the off chance that May wins the larger part in following ticket, she will stay in office. She will likewise have invulnerability for multi year. In the event that she loses, she should leave, which will trigger an initiative challenge. 

Despite the fact that there was hypothesis on Monday that the 1922 Committee had gotten enough letters, May addressed the 1922 Committee on Monday night and seemed to have mollified in any event some Tory MPs for the time being. As Patrick Maguire brings up, attempting to evacuate her is a high stakes diversion, as neglecting to do as such will definitely confine the hard Brexiteers' use in future.

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