Are you sick of the fighting over Brexit? Would You Change Your Mind If We Had Another Vote?

In excess of 100,000 nonconformists are set to walk on Parliament on Saturday to request a People's Vote on the last Brexit bargain. 

The walk through focal London is probably going to the greatest open dissent so far against the current Brexit circumstance, as help develops for another choice. 

Culinary specialist Delia Smith and Dragon's Den star Deborah Meaden are set to be among the stars partaking in the challenge. While London leader Sadiq Khan has likewise given it his sponsorship.

Twice the same number of mentors have been reserved with respect to the walk against Brexit in June, which saw 100,000 individuals go to. 

At the point when and where is the walk occurring? 

Nonconformists will start collecting from late morning on Saturday (October 20) on Park Lane in focal London. The gathering point is only north of the Hilton Hotel. 

They will then walk to Parliament Square where speakers will convey addresses in help of a People's Vote from 2pm onwards.

What is the route of the march?

The march will begin by travelling down Park Lane along the eastern edge of Hyde Park. Protesters will then turn left and walk along Piccadilly and onto Trafalgar Square via St James Street and Pall Mall.

Finally, the march will proceed down Whitehall, past Downing Street, and end in Parliament Square.

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